Structured Literacy II: OGA Associate Part 2, Summer 2024

The Southport CoLAB
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  • Virtual
  • Posted 4 months ago


When : Monday, July 29, 2024 - Friday, August 2, 2024
Where : Virtual
Topics : Science of Reading, Orton-Gillingham Training
Cost : $1,595


The Associate Level coursework is designed to hone the trainee’s ability to provide diagnostic and prescriptive instruction in a one-to-one remedial setting. In addition, it exposes the trainee to more sophisticated levels of language instruction than can be provided in the Classroom Educator course.

The Orton-Gillingham Academy (OGA) requires a total of hours of 60 hours of coursework at the Associate Level. Trainees who have already taken Classwork Educator have met the first half of that requirement.  This 36-hour follow-up course will exceed the Academy’s requirements for Associate Level coursework.

Associate Part 2 coursework will include but is not limited to: morphology; assessment, both formal and informal; vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency; and the writing process. An additional emphasis will be on developing lesson plans and student profiles in preparation for the trainee’s application to the OGA at the Associate Level.


Location Virtual