Building Campfires: Creating Durable Communities with Charles Vogl

St. Luke's School
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  • St. Luke's School - 377 North Wilton Road, New Canaan, CT 06840
  • Posted 4 weeks ago


When : April 1, 2023
Where : St. Luke's School - 377 North Wilton Road, New Canaan, CT 06840
Topics : Schools; Leadership; DEIB; Community
Cost : Free


St. Luke’s invites you to a community-building event focused on forging meaningful, fulfilling connections, and a culture of belonging.

Whether you are part of an established community, are seeking to create a new one, or simply want to deepen your sense of belonging in the world, Building Campfires will offer time-tested wisdom and tools. Renowned author, strategist, and speaker Charles Vogl will guide us through the principles and distinctions that make teams, colleagues, and communities more resilient and engaged.

About Building Campfires
This day-long event will consist of four interactive sessions:
Recognizing Durable Communities: We’ll explore the universal features of a healthy community. We’ll also identify ways in which durable communities differ from groups and “mirage communities” which look like communities from a distance but are not.
Extending Invitations: All communities begin with an invitation to spend time together. We’ll examine which invitations lead to meaningful experiences and why many people can’t distinguish an invitation from an announcement.
Understanding the Campfire Principle: Whether your community is tiny or could fill stadiums, you must create “campfire moments” where members have intimate conversations. Campfire experiences knit people together to form caring relationships that distinguish strong communities.
Making 3 am Friends: This session will name the importance of creating and sustaining supportive relationships. These are the most important people in our lives and critical relationships to build for resilience and results.

Location St. Luke's School - 377 North Wilton Road, New Canaan, CT 06840