New England New Teachers Seminar — NENTS 2.0 (for teachers in years 2-5)

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  • Miss Porter's School, Farmington, CT
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When : August 4-9, 2024
Where : Miss Porter's School, Farmington, CT
Topics : pedagogy, curriculum design, pandemic-teaching, grading & assessment, leadership
Cost : $1850 per person (including room & board)


The CAIS New England New Teachers Seminar helps teachers hone their craft in their early years of teaching.

We are pleased to offer both 1.0 (for first year teachers or teachers new to independent schools)and 2.0 (for teachers with 2-5 years of experience) running concurrently. See below for details on each program.

The framework of the seminar includes curriculum and lesson planning, assessment, active learning techniques, teaching philosophies, and strategies for building an equitable and inclusive community in a classroom/dorm/team/club, all of which we hope will build confidence in preparing teachers for their first few weeks of school. Additionally, guest speakers will address a variety of topics to enhance their work as teachers. This seminar will provide opportunities for new teachers to discuss current issues and trends in education while enabling them to form partnerships and alliances that will enhance excellence in teaching and learning.

NENTS 2.0 is designed specifically for teachers who are entering their 2nd through 5th year of teaching. This program will provide hands-on practical workshops so that teachers of any grade level can reflect on the work they do daily in the classroom and enhance their practice in the art and science of teaching. August 4-9. $1850 per-person; includes 5 days of room and board.

Both NENTS programs will include a deep dive into the following topics developed to prepare teachers to teach successfully on whatever platform they find themselves:

   Relationship Building: How to Build an Equitable and Inclusive Community

  • Leave with a set of strategies to build and sustain inclusive communities in their classroom, dormitory, team, etc.
  • Develop plans and activities for building community on Day 1
  • Learn about socio-emotional learning and strategies for helping students process emotions

  How Learning Happens: What Cognitive Science Can Teach Us about How Learning Happens, What Works and What Doesn’t

  • Learn about the biology and function of the brain
  • The role of various brain areas in the learning process
  • The impact of various pedagogical strategies on learning

  Curriculum Planning and Lesson Development: How to Translate Cognitive Science and Educational Research into Thoughtful, Inclusive, Relevant Curricula and Engaging Lessons

  • Learn the basics of backward design curriculum planning
  • Understand the components of lesson design
  • Design and deliver one virtual and one in-person lesson
  • Provide and receive feedback on lessons in a cohort setting
  • Introduction to student learning plans for neurodiverse learners

As well as: Reflection, DEIJ in Education, Differentiating Instruction, Assessments, Instructional Design, Classroom Organization, Technology Usage

NENTS faculty are experienced independent school educators from across the country. Participants come from schools across the country.

CAIS is grateful for the partnership of CAIS member school, Miss Porter’s School, in Farmington, CT, which is hosting the 2024 NENTS program August 4-9.

Here’s what past participants had to say about their experiences in the program:

“I know my conversations and the things I learned from spending time with [my cohort leaders] will forever shape my mind and life as a teacher and into whatever other careers or opportunities I find myself experiencing.”

“There was not a moment where I felt uncomfortable in the space. I was allowed to be me — flaws and all, without judgment. The playing field was equal in learning and discussing.”
“I hope I can continue to uphold and value the aspects we discussed at the conference like valuing students identities, being an anti-racist educator, working collaboratively with my colleagues and asking questions! Most importantly- self care.”

“I want to come back for NENTS 2.0 and I think every single person in private education should get the opportunity to experience what this seminar has done for us. I am so, so, so grateful.”

“My instructional coach not only gave me advice on my lesson but also pushed me on content in a supportive way that forced me to be more confident in my own teaching and in the content I was teaching.”


Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation before July 1st – full refund minus $200. No refunds for cancellations received after July 1st.

Location Miss Porter's School, Farmington, CT