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When : August 8th - 12th, 2020
Where : Online
Topics : new teachers
Cost : $650


NENTS 1.0: Just What You Need

Dates / format: August 8 – 12; Sessions every day from 9 am – 3 pm will include a blend of synchronous and asynchronous work (NOTE: August 12th session will end at noon)

Audience: New Teachers or Teachers New to Independent Schools – All Grade Levels
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This induction seminar helps new teachers prepare for their first day, first week and first year. Our staff of master teachers will lead you on a journey of self discovery, helping you to understand and manage the complex challenges facing all new teachers. What lies ahead? How do you think like a teacher? What does brain research tell us about how we learn? How can we apply that research in our classrooms? The framework of this seminar includes curriculum and lesson planning, assessment, active learning techniques and teaching philosophies all of which we hope will build confidence in preparing for your first few weeks of school. Additionally, guest speakers will address a variety of topics to enhance your work as a new teacher. This seminar will provide opportunities for new teachers to discuss current issues and trends in education while enabling you to form partnerships and alliances that will enhance excellence in teaching and learning.

NENTS 1.0 will include a deep dive into the following topics developed to prepare young teachers to teach successfully on whatever platform they find themselves:

Relationship Building: How to Build an Equitable and Inclusive Community In-Person or through Cyberspace

  • Leave with a set of strategies to build and sustain inclusive communities in their classrooms, dormitories, teams, etc.
  • Develop plans and activities for building community on Day 1 whether their school opens virtually or in-person
  • Learn about socio-emotional learning and strategies for helping students process emotions

How Learning Happens: What Cognitive Science Can Teach Us about How Learning Happens, What Works and What Doesn’t

  • Learn about the biology and function of the brain
  • The role of various brain areas in the learning process
  • The impact of various pedagogical strategies on learning

Curriculum Planning and Lesson Development: How to Translate Cognitive Science and Educational Research into Thoughtful, Inclusive, Relevant Curricula and Engaging Lessons

  • Learn the basics of backward design curriculum planning
  • Understand the components of lesson design
  • Design and deliver one virtual and one in-person lesson
  • Provide and receive feedback on lessons in a cohort setting

Technology Usage: What are the Important Technology Skills Teachers Need?

  • Learn to use common technology to deliver course information and content

Location Online