Beyond Diversity: Race, Class and the Push for Equity in Independent Schools

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  • Miss Porter's School, Farmington, CT
  • Posted 4 weeks ago


When : March 4th, 2019
Where : Miss Porter's School, Farmington, CT
Topics : Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Cost : $30


Keynote Speaker: TIM WISE

March 4, 2019
6:30 – 8 pm
Miss Porter’s School

In this presentation, Tim Wise explores the ways in which subtle racial biases creep into the process of education, even when teachers and school leaders mean well and strive for more equitable outcomes. From implicit bias to the underlying logic of existing policies, practices and procedures—many of which perpetuate inequity and are rarely questioned—the desire for equity and fairness is often torpedoed in practice. Wise breaks down the mechanisms of inequity and then offers ideas for how to bring practices in line with the rhetoric of true equal opportunity for all, especially in independent schools.

In this talk, Wise examines everything from classroom management to curriculum to hiring of faculty and staff to the dynamics between independent schools and communities, all of which can either assist in the push for equity or detract from it. With specific examples geared towards teachers of young children, middle schoolers and high school students, Wise provides those invested in independent schools (and diversity and equity and efforts) with the tools necessary to make real and lasting progress on the equity front.

Location Miss Porter's School, Farmington, CT