Back to Basics: Rebuilding Classroom Culture

CAIS Commission on School Growth and Collaboration
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When : April 4, 2023 - 7-8PM
Where : Virtual
Topics : Classroom culture, student-teacher connection, educator as "warm demander"
Cost : $80 individual all-access pass; $425 all-school, all-access pass; $30 per session


SESSION 9 — Back to Basics: Rebuilding Classroom Culture
Tuesday, April 4, 2023 –  7:00 – 8:00 PM
Are you giving more extensions for school work? Are you taking longer to complete learning units? Are your pedagogical methods still relevant? Join fellow CAIS educators for an interactive and reflective session to explore how we can be more responsive in our approach and develop the relationships that benefit today’s students.

WHAT is the Learning Community Series?:  A learning community of peer educators interested in discussing current learning models, keeping students at the center, and collaborating on the future of education as we collectively progress to normal. The LCS highlights the innovative work happening in our schools, and focuses on student connection and learning. The goal of the community series is to form trusted relationships outside of your school in twice per month meetings. During each session we will host short presentations introducing new models in education which includes sharing best practices, lesson plans, innovative projects, and pedagogical techniques that have had a significant impact on students and schools. Sessions include time to discuss and collaborate with peers.

Interested in joining the LCS? Registration for the LCS ensures that you have access to as many or as few of the sessions of interest to you. There is no obligation to attend all the sessions. *If you are interested in joining the LCS, we encourage you to share your interest with your supervisor (department chair, grade level leader, division head, PD coordinator, Dean of Faculty, etc.) as there is a group discount pass.

Notes for the all-school pass:

    • Schools that choose the all-school, all-access pass should designate one faculty member or administrator to serve as the contact point at the school who will receive and disseminate all registration and connection information to your school community for each session.
    • Prior to each session, the contact person will be sent a reminder which will include a link for people to register and receive Zoom connection information for that particular session. This will ensure that CAIS has adequate Zoom access for everyone who wishes to attend and will enable schools to track how many and which employees are attending each session.
    • cost: $80 individual all-access pass  ||  $425 all-school, all-access pass ||  $30 per-session

Location Virtual